That’s us. Larissa and Giuliano and our two daughters Sophia and Luna.

Driven by our love for good food, drinks and company we always wanted to create a place where we can do something meaningful, something for our planet and for the future of our kids.

This love is mainly due to Giuliano’s passion for cooking. What started as a hobby, took up more and more space in our lives. Cooking developed into Giuliano’s profession and vocation and finally into our reason to change our life.

A journey through Europe – but above all – our journey as a family started. We decided to leave our hometown of Munich and move into our van to travel through the Netherlands, France, Spain and Portugal, and because we followed the sun, we landed up in Mallorca during the winter.

Finally, in 2021 we found our place in Alaró, Mallorca. We bought a beautiful old finca with 3,2 hectares of land at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains and finally SOLU could become our reality!

SOLU is a small regenerative farm where we will produce a variety of foods while improving the environment by encouraging biodiversity and paying special attention to the most important and fundamental thing: our soil.

SOLU stands for SOphia and LUna – our girls are the heart of our project. In all our deliberations, decisions and actions, we always want to ask ourselves how we can contribute to ensure that our children can grow up in a beautiful and diverse world as we and the generations before us have been able to experience.

We founded SOLU for a reason – to share our passion for good food, wine and locally grown fruits and vegetables with all those who want to participate and who appreciate the regionality, seasonality and quality of good products and, like us, want to think about how we can influence the future of all our children with our own consumerism.

So here we are! We are at the beginning of breathing life back into our wonderful old house and it´s land. We will renovate, we will cook, we will host, we will make wine and we will do what we love the most – we will celebrate life with our kids, our family, our friends and everyone who wants to join!