Our Story

“Maybe you have to move in order to move something?”.
Our journey began with this question in mind. A journey through Europe, but above all our journey as a family in search of an idea, maybe a place or an inspiration – what should it be in the end, we didn’t even know ourselves. Nevertheless, the decision to take this journey through Europe always felt right and easy – so it had to be the right path for us, right?

What brought us here

Maybe you have to move in order to move something? It could at least be a possibility.

We don’t know – so let’s try it. It’s that simple, it has always felt that simple but it certainly won’t stay that simple.

So many conversations, topics, ideas, unrest. We are constantly searching – but what are we actually looking for? Maybe an idea, maybe a place, maybe just a year of freedom, a year on the road – neither of us have ever been away that long. It doesn’t really suit us at all, since we love being at home and spending so much time with our family and friends… sometimes we have to laugh about ourselves because we had to overdo it. A few months would have been enough to start with.

The two of us – that means the three of us – Giuliano and Larissa and our little daughter Sophia are moving into our van for a year and traveling around southern Europe.

The Mediterranean latitudes – France, Spain, Portugal, the Canary Islands in winter, Italy, Greece – are our goal for the time being. Our journey is closely linked to our shared culinary passion.

This passion is mainly due to Giuliano’s passion for cooking. What started as a hobby, took more and more space in our lives. Cooking developed into Giuliano’s profession and vocation. For a few years we have been dealing intensively with the quality and origin of food and its production.

The path was short: if you have a passion for cooking, you are interested in good products – you begin to appreciate the quality of products – you look behind the scenes – you realize with horror that so much is going on in the food industry, of what you don’t want to be a part of and you shouldn’t be a part of anymore…

The global food industry and the nutrition of the world population play a large part in the fact that we are gradually destroying our earth and our ecosystem is getting more and more out of balance. The consequences of factory farming, the extreme use of pesticides and one-sided cultivation through monocultures are destroying our soil, leading to the loss of biodiversity and the extinction of species.

That’s why we want to rethink things, stop accepting them and find out, how we can change something with our interests and possibilities.

Here we start. We love food, good wine, cooking and to enjoy ourselves. A year of inspiration – getting to know other people and their ways of life, collecting recipes, making contacts, discovering traditions, feeling and experiencing places.

Be free, cook, enjoy togetherness!