The Garden

In our biointensive garden we are realising one of our greatest visions – to produce vegetables that excite us!

Our garden is grown in a regenerative way, which means that we focus on soil health, which translates to healthier & better tasting plants. The garden is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilisers or GMO’s, it covers around 2000 sqm and consists of two main areas, which we have named the market garden and the sun garden.

We have laid out the market garden in a linear form. There are vegetable beds, as well as shaded lanes of agroforestry, which enables us to work efficiently with fewer resources.

We are inspired by the Ridgedale style of no-dig beds but have adapted them to Mediterranean conditions and our locally available materials.

As the name suggests, the sun garden is designed in the shape of the sun. Here, the vegetables and fruits grow freely & excitingly. They are able to spread out during their growth in order to feel comfortable.

The market garden and the sun garden are protected on the west side by a row of trees that serve as a natural windbreak. On the south side of the garden, two greenhouses are planned, which will be hidden behind a diverse food forest. On the south side, our vegetable are enjoying the company of a vineyard.

We are constantly working to increase biodiversity. Therefore we are selecting local vegetable and fruit varieties, as well as forgotten, heirloom and unusual varieties from all over the globe. We are excited to see what unusual variety of plants, trees, scrubs and flowers we can grow in our garden in the upcoming years!

Solu Harvest

Now available in our shop. 8 – 10 crops of seasonally and locally grown vegetables, fruits and herbs from the SOLU finca in Alaró.