The Kitchen

We have a deep conviction for the use of local and seasonal ingredients.

At SOLU we personally source all our meats, dairy, seafood, fruits and vegetables from trusted farmers, growers, fishing families & producers on the island.

We also proudly grow our own produce nestled in the Alaró valley.
And that’s our difference.

We care about where our food comes from, we care for our land, we respect each ingredient and take great joy in creating food that embraces all the feelings of comfort, love & simplicity.

Our cooking journeys have allowed us to cook in places such as Italy, Spain, Germany, South Africa, The UK, Greece & France, in many different kinds of environments. Bringing you a wealth of expertise & experience. We certainly share the same passion & philosophy for food.

We go the extra mile and love to have our guests enjoy the best Mallorca can seasonally offer. And we truly are excited to share our honest and emotional passion for food with you.

As private chefs we offer Garden Experiences, Private Cheffing, Events and Cooking Classes.

Garden Experiences

Experience eating from and in a garden in Mallorca

Private Cheffing & Event

Private cooking service for your vacation villa or yacht.

Cooking Classes

We invite you to experience SOLU and our kitchen within a cooking class.