About Detaching, Enjoying and Finding​

We started in Munich in the summer of 2019 and traveled through the Netherlands, France, Spain and Portugal in the coming months and finally landed in Tenerife and Mallorca in the winter. We planned as little as possible in advance, drove following the sunshine, especially in winter, got to know tons of interesting and incredibly nice people.

We spent hours strolling through the fish markets on the Atlantic coast and Giuliano prepared a five-course menu with the camping stove, we had lunch in the bistro next door and got ready in the bathroom of the campsite for the 2-star Michelin dinner in the evening. After a few weeks, Sophia was a restaurant professional and ordered apple juice in the local language and, if necessary, criticized the crust of the bread constructively.

We’ve never felt so free before – we quickly realized that we really didn’t need anyone other than ourselves. With this realization we opened the door to a possible move to another country. After just three months, we could hardly imagine returning to our lives in Munich.

With a lot of culinary experiences, new acquaintances and inspiring moments in our suitcases, we decided 8 months after the start of our trip: It should be Mallorca.

Here we found friends who felt like family and with whom we could share ideas and visions. This released so much positive energy, which was crying out to be put into a big project. We have never seen a place where so many people with a vision live in one piece of earth. We got to know Mallorca as a beautiful, international island, full of people and families who DO things to achieve their dreams.

We lived for two years between Mallorca and Munich, between lockdown and the search for an old finca, between determination and insecurity, between courage and fear, between wanting to DO but not being able to DO anything. The time was marked by euphoria and disappointments – after visit no. 1256 (at least that’s how it felt like), the determination, the courage and the euphoria took each other hand in hand and finally we bought an old finca with 3.2 hectares of land in November, very close to the wonderful town of Alaró at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains.

Here we are: Giuliano, Larissa, Sophia and little Luna, who has also joined us in the meantime, and we have big plans. We will be renovating our home, some outbuildings and a beautiful old olive press over the next few years. We will create a 5000 square meter vegetable garden and plant many fruit trees, we will also go among the winemakers and adopt five bee colonies. We want to do all of this because we want to share our passion for good food and home-produced food with anyone who wants to be a part of it.

Our goal will be to find a good balance between ecology and economy to create a place that all our future grandchildren can enjoy.